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Learn How To Easily Proofread Your Jobs

  • Cultivate a healthy sense of doubt.If there are types of errors you know you tend to make, double check for those.

  • Read   v e r y   s l o w l y . If possible, read out loud. Read one word at a time.

  • Read what is actually on the page,not what you think is there. (This is the most difficult sub-skill to acquire, particularly if you wrote what you are reading).

  • Proofread more than once. If possible, work with someone else.

  • Slide a ruler or sheet of paper down the page to force your eyes to follow the text in a detailed word by word, line by line manner.

  • Proofread right to left if possible,you will catch more errors this way.

  • Always proofread from “hard copy”, not from the computer screen.

  • You MUST have an original document to compare to, even if you only have hand written notes. This is the only way to catch omissions, misspelling of proper names, incorrect addresses, etc.

  • Lay the original and the proof document side by side, always placing them in the same position.

Print these helpful tips for future reference.