Customer Service

Publisher provides an automated routine for preparing files to send to us. In Publisher 2000, 2002 and 2003 it's called "Pack and Go" located under the "File" menu. Select "Take to a Commercial Printing Service", and follow the screen instructions. For more information on this topic, go to Publisher Help, and type pack and go.

-If you do not use the Publisher routine to prepare the file for us, we MUST HAVE ALL FONTS AND GRAPHICS used in your job. Even though it looks great on your screen and prints on your printer, if we don't have fonts and graphics, it won't print correctly on our equipment.

-DON'T COPY & PASTE pictures, clip art, logos, etc. They should be placed in your document using the "Insert" command. This will create a "link" to the original graphic so our high resolution equipment can print correctly.

-When preparing your document using colors, if for example you want the job printed in black plus 1 color, don't send art or graphics in several colors. Doing so could add greatly to your cost.

-Pictures or graphics taken from web pages are made to be viewed on the computer screen, not printed. If they don't look good on your printer, they won't print on ours either.

-Please fax or send a printout (black & white is fine if colors are noted) of your job. We will use this "hard copy" to assure the job prints correctly.

If you need more information, check out our "Tips & Tricks" for Microsoft Publisher located in the "Resources & Support" section under "Additional Resources", or contact our Typesetting/PrePress professionals.

Please use "Pack and Go"