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Mailing Lists

Sharp Printing can supply quality mailing lists to target just about any audience you wish to reach. There are hundreds of ways to select mailing lists, here are just a few:

-Zip Code
-Postal Carrier Route
-Metropolitan Area
-Subdivision (Limited areas)
-Custom boundaries (Limited areas)
-Radius (From your business for example)
-Businesses or Organizations by SIC Code
-Businesses by number of employees
-Individuals by Income or Age
-Homeowners, Pet Owners, Boat Owners, Etc.
......Many other lists are available!

We are experts for mailing within Hamilton County with more options for targeting your audience!

More than one criteria can be used making the options almost endless. Speak with one of our mailing specialists to select the type of list that meets your needs. They will quickly run an online count to determine the quantity available.

We can also handle variable-data mailings such as personalized letters or surveys. This will greatly improve the response to your mailing. Call us today!